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Al Dente Pasta Timer

Al Dente Pasta Timer

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Perfect Pasta Every Time!

Get perfectly cooked pasta every time with this unique floating and singing timer. Al Dente adds a touch of fun to your cooking experience, as it plays Italian opera melodies when the pasta is finished cooking while also ensuring you know exactly when it’s done. 

Unique floating and singing timer

Add an extra layer of fun and convenience to your pasta preparation — pick up your very own Al Dente today!

Get perfectly cooked pasta every time.
Unique floating and singing timer.
Plays Italian opera melodies.
Temperature sensor and timer take the guesswork out of the equation.
Adds an extra layer of fun and convenience to pasta preparation.

No More Overcooking

Simply place in boiling water with your pasta and let Al Dente take care of the rest. With a built-in temperature sensor and timer, this reliable tool removes any guesswork, so you can enjoy perfect al dente results every time you cook. 

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