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Revolutionize your egg storage with our innovative egg organizer.

Engineered for convenience and practicality, this storage solution boasts features designed to enhance your kitchen experience.

Direct Food Contact & Health Assurance: 

No need to worry about food safety – our egg holder allows direct contact with your eggs while ensuring health standards are met.

Temperature Resilience

From the fridge to the freezer, our egg organizer maintains optimal freshness regardless of temperature, guaranteeing your eggs stay in top condition.

Stackable Design & Visual Accessibility

Maximize space efficiency with our stackable egg rack. Its solid color design enhances visibility, enabling you to easily monitor your egg supply.

Spacious Capacity & Space-saving Design

With room for up to 30 eggs, our slim and compact egg holder fits seamlessly into any kitchen environment, saving valuable space.

Individual Egg Placement

Say goodbye to cracked eggs! Our recessed design securely holds each egg in place, preventing shaking and minimizing breakage risk.

Versatile Placement

Whether it's in the fridge, freezer, countertop, cupboard, or tabletop, our egg organizer is the perfect addition to any kitchen setup, offering unparalleled convenience and functionality.

Product information:

Specifications: cream yellow, gray, white, transparent
Function: Storage
Material: PP
Type: storage box

Packing list:

Egg carton X1

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