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Bluetooth Fingerbot

Bluetooth Fingerbot

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Transform your traditional home appliances into smart devices with Fingerbot


Conveniently Manage Your Home With Your Phone!

Give your home a much-needed tech upgrade by equipping it with our premium Smartlife.

Smartlife makes turning lights or appliances on an off so much more convenient!

In fact, the Smartlife enables you to control all your switches via your phone.


More intelligent by connecting to hub

  • APP/WiFi Control(Bluetooth hub required)
  • Timing Function(Bluetooth hub required)
  • APP/Bluetooth Control(Bluetooth hub is not required for point-to-point control at home.)



Support Voice Control(Bluetooth hub required)

  • With a Bluetooth gateway Hub (sold separately), the finger bots can be voice-controlled by Alexa, Google Home.


Easy set up

  1. Clean the surface of button or switch panel where you want to install Fingerbot.
  2. Attach Fingerbot to the panel using a double-sided tape provided in the Fingerbot package.
  3. Connect your Fingerbot with the App and calibrate themovement of Fingerbot’s robotic arm to fifit your switches and buttons.
  4. After installation, we recommend resting Fingerbot for 24 hours to reach maximum adhesion.



Device Resetting

  • When pairing your Fingerbot to a new account, a device reset is needed. Please long-press the reset button for 5 seconds to reset the device.



Robotic Arm Extension

  • After installation,resting the device for 24 hours to reach maximum adhesion
  • the arm is replaceable in order to meet different needs.(Sold separately).

Customer questions & answers

Question: How long does the battery last?
Answer: It contains CR2 battery, the battery can ensure that you use times, the use of time depends on the frequency of your use, the normal situation of the battery can be used for a year
Question: it has a function like a "long press"?
Answer: yes, you can set this function in the smart life app
Question: Can it be programmed to press and release 4 times quickly. Like tap, tap,tap,tap. I have a decir that requires 4 consecutive taps to activate it.
Answer: I think you will need to type 4 times for that I didn’t see the option you were talking about maybe it will be good idea to ask someone from the company that sells it.
Question: Can I set this to push a button for 2 seconds and then stop for 2 seconds and then repeat pushing 2 seconds?
Answer: Fingerbot _Plus_ can be set to loop Push, Sustain, Release, but I'm not sure whether the Sustain applies to Release as well (for "stop for 2 seconds") as Push or just the Push.
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