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Bonfire Diffuser

Bonfire Diffuser

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A Cozy Companion for Your Home!

Welcome to the official website of the original, full-size, high-quality Bonfire Diffuser™, designed to evoke the warmth and ambiance of a bonfire. Our unique design creates a mesmerizing effect that will transform your room and help you to relax. 

Soothing Flame, Pure Bliss

Compatible with your favorite essential oils, the Bonfire Diffuser fills your surroundings with soothing scents to enhance your ambiance, with a spray time of up to approximately 18 hours. Adjust the misting intensity to your preference, creating a cozy atmosphere akin to a bonfire's flickering flames. Plus, experience tranquility with its ultra-quiet operation, ensuring peaceful relaxation whenever you need it.

Other Features:

Remote Control/Touch Technology: Effortlessly adjust settings for maximum convenience and comfort. Choose between two versions: one featuring remote control and the other with touch buttons (the brick design), according to your preference.

Soothing flame light effects: Whether you prefer a soft glow or a brighter illumination, our customizable light brightness allows you to adjust it to match your mood and setting effortlessly.

Timer Function: Set the timer for 1, 3, or 6 hours to suit your schedule and preferences.

Waterless Auto-Off: Experience peace of mind with our Waterless Auto-Off feature, ensuring safety and longevity by automatically shutting off when the water level is low.

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