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Chakra Drum 6 Inch 8 Tone

Chakra Drum 6 Inch 8 Tone

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Soothing Sounds While Raining

As raindrops gently fall, the raindrops tap the drum's surface, creating a soothing, melodic sound that brings peace and relaxation. Perfect for gardens or patios, this drum transforms rainy days into a beautiful symphony of nature.

Discover the versatility of our unique drum, designed to enchant you with its melodic sounds whether rain pours on it, shower water cascades over it, or you're playing it traditionally. This drum creates soothing, natural music in the rain, enhances your shower with calming rhythms, and serves as a high-quality musical instrument. Perfect for any setting, it transforms everyday moments into serene experiences. Bring home this extraordinary drum and enjoy its beautiful symphony in any environment


1X Ethereal drum
1X Drum bag
1X Pair of drum sticks
4X Finger cot
1X Cleaning cloth
1X Drumstick rack 

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