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Classic Meteorite Watch

Classic Meteorite Watch

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Watch dial made from Muonionalusta meteorite.

  • Muonionalusta meteorite, Sweden, Norrbotten.
  • Japanese mechanism.
  • Frame - jewelry steel.
  • Belt - genuine leather.
  • Watch diameter - 3.5 cm.
  • Water resistance - 3 ATM.
  • The meteorite is protected by a rhodium plating.
  • Sapphire glass.

The product comes to you in a branded box with an enclosed booklet with a story about the product and a certificate of authenticity.

Warranty - 1 year.

With this extra-terrestrial piece of history on your arm, you’ll have a slice of space with you wherever you go.

Adapting a classic design with a contemporary twist, this stylish watch with black leather strap will fast become an exceptional everyday piece of jewellery.

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The face of this talking point watch is a slither of pure Muonionalusta meteorite. For a fashionable finish to any look this stunning statement timepiece is the perfect gift for the man who has everything.

Over 100,000 years ago, a handful of these mysterious Muonionalusta meteorites impacted earth. Searches for the impact crater from the original shower have been in vain; the site where these specimens are found is in a remote area of northern Sweden, is it presumed they were carried there by glaciers.

The watch is engraved on the back with ‘Muonionalusta Meteorite’. The watch is 3ATM water resistance, and has glow in the dark hands rare, they are almost always buried! To make finding the specimens just a little harder Swedish law dictates that a license must be obtained, and then those pieces buried in the perma-frost must be excavated by hand. We will provide a certificate of origin and authenticity with piece of meteorite jewellery.

Iron Nickel meteorites, like the Muonionsalusta generally start as the very core of a planet, the amazing Widmanstätten patterns (unearthly metallic grids in shimmering shades of grey and silver seen when the meteorite is sliced) are formed only in space. The molten centre of a planet’s core is cooled to form this metal at 1 degree per million years, then when the iron is removed the striking nickel crystal formations can be seen.

During ancient times meteorite was considered far more valuable than gold. Tutankhamen was found with meteorite daggers in his tomb and the ancient myth of Thor’s hammer, has been attributed to prized rare meteorite.

The watch is engraved on the back with ‘Muonionalusta Meteorite’. The watch is 3ATM water resistance, and has glow in the dark hands.

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