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Cup Thermos

Cup Thermos

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A perfectly cold or hot drink at any time...

Situations when our drinks become too warm or freeze in the car are very common, and that's why we decided to put an end to them with the Bozenorus thermos.

It is slightly larger than a standard can and will easily fit in your beverage holder. With its cooling and heating systems, it can chill your drink to 0°C or warm it up to 60°C. Simply set your preferred temperature on the top display and savor your drink.

  • Moderate Capacity: This car beverage cup has a moderate capacity to meet daily beverage needs and does not take up too much space in the car.
  • Excellent Aluminum Alloy And ABS Material: This car drink cup is made of excellent quality aluminum alloy and ABS material, durable, resistant to erosion, not easy to deformation, and has a long service life.
  • Easy To Use: This car drink cup is easy to understand, you just need to plug it into the car charger, no extra power cord or complicated installation steps are needed.
  • Quick Cooling And Heating: This car drink cooling and heating cup can quickly cool or heat your drink in a short time, so you can enjoy hot and cold drinks anytime while driving.
  • Safe And Reliable: This car drink cup has multiple protection functions such as over current, over voltage, and over temperature, which can protect you and your vehicle and make you travel with more peace of mind.
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