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Tired of spending hours mopping and getting backpain when cleaning? Save both time and energy with this easy-squeeze mop cleaner!

Absorbent Mop Cleaner - Easy-squeeze Mop Cleaner - Smart Sponge Mop Cleaner

Effective Mop Cleaner

You are probably familiar with how stressful and tiring the process of cleaning can be, especially when it's time to mop the floors. Sometimes the struggle is with the mop not soaking up water/liquid from the floor and effectively cleaning it. Other times it is a hassle having to squeeze out the mop frequently. There is also the issue of most mop "heads" being small, so you have to put in a lot of time and effort to ensure your mopping is well done.
With this easy-squeeze mop cleaner, however, you don't have to go through any stress again. This mop cleaner's foam base easily absorbs fluids off the floor. This means your floors stay clean and dry when wiped with this mop cleaner.

Easy Squeeze Mop Cleaner - Effective Mop Cleaner -

Wide Application Range

There are several types and sizes of mops available in the market today. However, for most of these mop cleaners, you can only use them to clean floors (and not all types of floors at that). For example, some are only ideal for tiled floors, while others can be used on ceramic and wooden surfaces.

This smart mop cleaner stands out in terms of application range. You can use this smart mop cleaner on several different types of surfaces such as tiles and wood. But that's not all; you can also use this mop tool to clean walls! As long as the surface is flat, you should be able to use this mop on both floors and walls!

Easy Squeeze Mop Cleaner - Wide Application Range  -

Quality Design

Now you might be wondering, "how come this mop cleaner is so versatile? What makes it so special?" The answer to that question is quality design. This sponge mop cleaner has a very absorbent brush head that easily absorbs fluid and simultaneously clears dirt. This mop cleaner also has a quality stainless steel and plastic frame that makes it lightweight and convenient to use.

Easy Squeeze Mop Cleaner - Quality Design -

Saves Time

The most challenging part of cleaning is that it usually takes up a lot of time. This is because traditional mop cleaners have a small (occasionally moderately-sized) brush head. Unfortunately, this means that you will have to spend quite a lot of time cleaning since the brush head can only cover a small space per time. If you are looking to cut down on the time you spend cleaning; this absorbent foam mop cleaner is precisely what you need.
This mop cleaner has a wider foam base. This means that you will have a wider cleaning range, thus ensuring the time you spend cleaning is effectively reduced.

Easy Squeeze Mop Cleaner - Saves Time -

Easy and Convenient to Use

Another major challenge of traditional mop cleaners is they can be quite inconvenient to use, especially when you want to squeeze out mopped up fluid. This is all the more reason to get this smart absorbent mop cleaner. It has an easy-squeeze design that ensures you are able to drain fluids you mop easily. It also has a hole near the top of the handle that you can use to hang or store it properly.

Easy Squeeze Mop Cleaner - Easy and Convenient to Use -

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: Stainless steel/PVA/PP
  • Rubber cotton head width: 34cm
  • Mop rod length: 101cm (Extends to 128cm)
  • Dehydration efficiency: 85% - 95%
    Easy Squeeze Mop Cleaner - Dimensions -

    Included :

    1 x absorbent mop cleaner






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