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Flying Insect Trap, Fly Trap (1 Plug-In Base + 1 Cartridge)

Flying Insect Trap, Fly Trap (1 Plug-In Base + 1 Cartridge)

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Zevo Trap Package

Women inserting Zevo Trap Cartridge Into Trap in a kitchen setting.

24/7 Continuous Attraction

Remove sheet from adhesive backing, insert disposable cartridge and plug trap into locations where bugs frequent (kitchens, near doors, garbage cans, and fruit bowls).

Zevo Trap Plugged into wall outlet.

Blue & UV Light

Specially designed blue & UV LEDs attract and trap flying insects such as houseflies, fruit flies, and gnats.

Women Tossing out used Zevo Trap Cartridge.

No Odor, No Mess

When full, lift cartridge by the no-mess tab and toss it in the garbage. For best results check trap every 15 days.

Used Zevo Trap insert with many trapped insects.

So. Many. Bugs.

The garage is a popular hangout spot.

Used Zevo Trap insert with stuck insects.

Keep in the Kitchen

Bugs have an appetite for light. Feed it.

Used Zevo Trap Insert with large and small trapped flying insects.

Bugs Big & Small

Trap a variety of flying insects.

How it Works

The Zevo flying insect refill cartridges captures flying insects onto an adhesive backing that you never have to touch. Simply remove sheet from adhesive backing and insert cartridge into the Zevo fly trap and then plug in.


REFILL - Device sold separately

Use with Zevo flying insect trap to eliminate flying insects including fruit flies, gnats, and house flies.

  • Blue and UV light attracts and permanently traps flying insects.
  • Removable refill cartridges available for year round protection.
  • Great for kitchens, bathroom, garage, and living spaces.
  • 24-Hour Protection conveniently works day and night to help protect your family from pesky flying insects.
  • Odorless & mess-free.
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