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Furniture Mover

Furniture Mover

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Save yourself some serious back-ache

The brand new Furniture Mover is the optimal way of safely remodeling your house without risking getting ugly marks all over your home as well as protecting your back and legs from lifting serious weight.
MoveMaster - Easy Furniture Lifter Mover Tool Set – Wow Gallery PH

Moving Has Never Been Easy Like This!

With an ability to load over 330lbs / 150KG, it is sure to be able to hold even the heaviest of objects! By simply pushing the objects instead of lifting them, you’re reducing the needed power by up to ten times!

Why You Should Buy The Furniture Mover?

Furniture Lifter Tool makes your furniture move more easily on your own physical strength. Ergonomic design lets you lift and move your heavy furniture and appliances without strain on your back.
It can also work on carpets.
Dolmt Set-Furniture Lifter Mover Tool Set (4 colors)

Smart Moving

Lift Furniture with One Hand. Easy assembly, no tools required. Lifting, Position, Slide, Adjusting and leveling your appliances and furniture more easily.
Furniture Moving Tool – The Xclusive Store
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