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Galaxy Projector

Galaxy Projector

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Building Ambience: perfect for stress release, Insomnia, meditation, yoga, romantic moment, car, etc. It's an awesome addition to any room or gaming setup.

Ultra-Clear Projection: 7 sets of high-transmission optical lenses and up to 2 million resolutions for stunning clarity. With a projected area of 130 square feet, It's amazing that you can see the stars and galaxies so clearly at home.

Born to Be Real: Semiconductor lithography disc for up to 153748 Ultra-HD stars, and the 5K resolution Galaxy series discs are from real space images. Creating a real projection so lifelike, you’ll be convinced you’re in outer space, relieve all stress, and unlock your inner peace as you gaze at stars.

Perfect Gift Ideas: The unique design resembles the universe,  the gorgeous blue and pink hue delivers a soothing effect. So it's a perfect present for her, Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, valentine's Day or Christmas, whether it's your girlfriend, wife, sister, daughter, mother, or best friend, get it, they won't stop hugging you and saying "wow".

Create Magic for Social Media: You have acne or a Plus-Size Body Shape? You are called e-girl or car girl? Do you have to hide your authentic self after having a kid?  it's time to see yourself in a new light. Just switch on your POCOCO galaxy projector, shoot it, share it, and enjoy it, when the galaxy shines, you’ll shine together.

What You Get: Super-clear Galaxy Projector with Manual Optical Focus, USB-C charging cable, blank postcards, user manual poster, Diamond stars disc, eco-friendly packaging with biodegradable paper trays, 24-month warranty, friendly customer service, and one more gift.

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