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Galaxy Projector with Multiple Scenarios

Galaxy Projector with Multiple Scenarios

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Multiple scenarios 🌌

Explore a variety of colors and dynamic settings to adapt your space and lighting to your mood. From smooth transitions to vibrant effects, with this projector you can create the perfect moment, every time.

Bluetooth and Integrated Speaker 🔊

Connect the projector via Bluetooth and immerse yourself in an immersive music experience. Enjoy your favorite music, podcasts or audiobooks thanks to its integrated speaker that elevates your experience to another level, out of this world.

Ambient sounds for a different rest 😍

Immerse yourself in deep sleep with the option of ambient sounds. Our projector offers you a variety of background sounds such as rain🌧️, trains🚂, forests🌳 and more... creating a relaxing environment for a deep rest. The best option for you and your entire family. 

360º rotation

Transform your space with the 360º rotation capacity of this projector. Thanks to its rotating base and unique shape, you can illuminate any corner of your room, creating a complete and immersive visual experience. 

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