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Headache Relief Hat

Headache Relief Hat

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Tired of the waves of pain?

Trust us, we know the feeling too...imagine having a headache reliever buddy to save the day whenever you need it most for those hard-hitting migraines when you least expect it.

Immediate Relief In Just 5 Minutes!

Chill out after a long day with a personal at-home spa relief treatment. Wear it both as a cap or an eye mask. Continue your productive day without the pain ruining your focus.

Freeze it & Heat it

With our High-Grade Thermal Gel enjoy cold and hot temperatures for relief. For those hot-headed, sweaty days & for those cold sweaty days that need warmth and better blood circulation.

Experience Pure Bliss

Melt away the stress and head pounding and feel the bliss of the Therafreezy™ lightly compressing against your head's main pressure points.

3 Layers of Therapy

With its stretchy one size fits all Dry-Tech™ fabric the Therafreezy stays cool and dry and also reduces odour. The fabric is BPA-free and Machine Washable.

Ditch The Pain Pills

Prescription meds and other drugs can have negative long-term effects on your overall health. Change to a more Natural Healing Remedy with Headache Relief Hat

Bedtime Just Got More Relaxing...

Wear the Headache Relief Hat to bed with a cool and relaxing blanket over your eyes. The blackout design and fabric will help block any unwanted early sunlight, giving you a longer and deeper sleep.

Ditch Wet Towels & Leaky Gel Bags

Outdated forms of cold relief are messy and gross and can cause freezer burn! The Headache Relief Hat uses ultra-soft and strong compression material wrapped around a leak-free gel pack specifically designed for any head and face.
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