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Holy Projector + 6 FREE Bible Verse Discs

Holy Projector + 6 FREE Bible Verse Discs

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Faith Enriched

The Holy Projector is your gateway to a deeper connection with faith. Allowing you to easily switch out Bible Verse discs, projecting a variety of uplifting Bible verses onto any surface.

A Verse For Every Emotion

End each day with renewed strength and positivity by picking a verse for the projector, knowing that it's precisely what you need to navigate the complexities of your emotions and find inner peace through God.


How Does It Work?
It comes with six interchangeable Bible verse discs. When you insert a disc into the projector, it shines the selected Bible verse against a wall, accompanied by beautiful stars, creating a captivating and inspirational display.

Any Special Features?
The Holy Projector displays high-definition images and Bible verses clearly up to a distance of 12+ feet.

It features automatic shut-off after one hour of use and a 360-degree rotation capability.

Additionally, it can project stars and offers color-changing settings for added ambiance.

What's Included?

1 HD Light Projector
6 Interchangeable Bible Verse Discs
Power C Cord
User Manual

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