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Cook On The Go

The Instapot Electric Cooker allows you to whip up an entire meal anywhere you want, whether you're in bed, at work, or on the bus, it doesn't matter one bit! 

Easy To Use

Just plug your Instapot Electric Cooker into the wall and within 2 minutes it will reach the maximum temperature. After your pot has reached cooking temperature, you're good to go!

Burn-Proof Technology

The Instapot Electric Cooker comes equipped with an embedded heat detection system that will prevent you from overcooking your food. Also included is a double-layer of protection on the outside to protect your hands from the heat.

High Power & Non-Stick

We designed the Instapot Electric Cooker with 2 power settings to choose from, 250W and 600W. We made sure to use food-grade, non-stick coating, which will keep food from sticking and make cleaning easy after use.

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