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IV Plant Life Support

IV Plant Life Support

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Never lose another houseplant to forgetfulness

Our IV for Plants utilizes innovative technology to provide your plants with the precise care they need, ensuring they thrive with minimal effort.

Say goodbye to limp, lifeless houseplants

Trying to balance your professional and plant parent lifestyles but don’t know how to? Watering indoor plants couldn’t be easier with the Mini Plant Life Support plant self-watering system.

It’s a perfect gift for gardeners… indoor gardeners

If you’re busy living your life, working hard, and playing harder, it can be tricky to look after your indoor plants. Easy care solutions are what you need. And they don’t come much simpler than this genius little plant self-waterer. It’s the answer to your home horticultural prayers.

Simply fill the bag, hang it from the peg and insert the dripper in the soil. The Mini Plant Life Support will do the rest. It’s ideal for smaller houseplants, succulents and cacti, and proof that big things often do come in small packages.
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