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Jesus Crust Plush

Jesus Crust Plush

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LOVED by HUNDREDS of crustomers across the world

Lovingly hand crafted from the best, comforting, and soft materials. Every Jesus Crust Plush is made from toasty warm and buttery-soft microfiber material and is filled with high quality cotton. You'll feel like your hugging the cuddliest little puppy!

Jesus Crust Is Your New Crumb-panion

You'll never want him to leave your side. He's perfect for snuggling in bed, long hugs after a long day, and as your prayer buddy comforting and encouraging you to pray

Perfect Huggable Size

Jesus Crust is 9x7 inches of a-dough-able cuteness

Care Instructions

  • Hand / machine wash using cold to warm water (40°c maximum is suggested)
  • If machine washing, ensure a gentle cycle is selected
  • Use only very mild detergents (approved for wool/ silk)
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry clean

If you really want to best preserve the cuddliness and softness of your Plush for as long as possible, we recommend hand washing it in cold water.

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