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Jesus Plushie

Jesus Plushie

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Hurry up! Only 3 left in stock

You will fall in love with our most popular Jesus plushie! Each one is handmade with love and care, taking 3 weeks to craft to perfection . Just a heads up, all orders will be shipped out by mid-April. We can't wait for you to have your very own!"

Get this cute huggable Jesus plush for you or your little one. Each plushie is crafted with oodles of love and attention, making them perfect companions for believers of all ages.

Why It's Special ❤️🧸

  • Premium Materials: Comfy and cozy for your little one
  • Meaningful: A powerful reminder that Jesus is with us all the time.
  • Small size: 25 cm tall
  • Large size: 50 cm tall

Don’t miss out! Order your Jesus plushie today and make your Bible study journey more interactive. Let the cuddles and positivity begin! 🌟

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