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LED Glowing Light Saber

LED Glowing Light Saber

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Luminous Chopsticks

Our LED illuminated chopsticks are made of high-quality thick ABS food-grade material, durable and easy to clean, creative, safe, and practical.

 May The Food Be With You

You can use the LED glowing lightsaber chopsticks to start a colorful war. The chopsticks are equipped with glowing colored LEDs.

The Fate Of The Galaxy Lies In Your Hands

Use the handy button to turn the force on or off! Just press the button and the chopsticks will light up. So you never have to eat in the dark.

Easy To Carry

The LED chopsticks are lightweight and easy to carry. This is a great idea for travel. It has an insulating function to help you eat hot food.

Multifunctional Light-Up Chopsticks

These LED light-up chopsticks can be used to eat sushi, noodles, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, or Vietnamese food, perfect for home kitchen dinner party serving.

Size: about 27cm

Uses: tableware, toysFeatures: cool and beautiful, environmentally friendly and healthy, can be used for party tableware, toys, and other occasions

Product list: 1 pair * led glowing lightsaber chopsticks

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