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Levitating Holy Cross

Levitating Holy Cross

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How Long Is Shipping?

We offer standard shipping with a delivery timeframe of 7-14 days

Can I adjust the brightness or color of the lights?

Absolutely! The touch-controlled switch allows you to select different RGB colors and adjust the brightness to suit your preferences.

How long does the Levitating Holy Cross stay levitated?

Once set up, the cross will remain levitated as long as it's plugged in and powered on, providing a continuous display of divine elegance.

What is the technology behind the Levitating Holy Cross?

The Levitating Holy Cross utilizes advanced magnetic levitation technology to suspend and rotate the cross in the air, creating a mesmerizing and lovely display

How can I clean and maintain the Levitating Holy Cross?

To clean, gently wipe the surfaces with a soft cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that may damage the product's finish. Regular maintenance includes ensuring a stable power source and keeping the levitation area free from obstructions.