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Mochi Cat Holder(Pack of 5)

Mochi Cat Holder(Pack of 5)

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As long as the pen is not too special, this cat can carry it.

The Mochi Cat Holder was designed according to the posture of the cat when it wakes up.It's perfect for hanging AirPods. Very durable and practical, interesting in shape, suitable for decorating home shelves or tables, computer decoration, room decoration, cake decoration, toy cartoon collectibles, car dolls, micro landscape decoration, holiday gifts.

Cats are made of resin, healthy and harmless.

This is a good-looking desk stationery, you can put pens, data cables, and other small things. More usefulness, waiting for you to develop more usefulness

This may be the cutest one among the most creative headphone holders, and the most creative one among the cutest headphone holders.

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