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Number Concealer Stickers 3 Sets

Number Concealer Stickers 3 Sets

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Conceal Your License Plate Numbers

Ensure your privacy with Number Concealer Stickers 3 Sets. These stickers use advanced technology to conceal your license plate digits from phone cameras, CCTV, and other surveillance devices. Protect your sensitive information wherever you go.

Effortless Digits Masking

Applying these concealers is simple and nearly invisible to the naked eye. They expertly hide your plate numbers without obstructing readability in person. Even when captured, the numbers appear blurred, ensuring privacy without violating legal requirements.

Safeguard Your Plate Information

 Beyond privacy, these stickers provide an added layer of security. Prevent identity theft and unauthorized tracking of your vehicle. Weather-resistant and durable, they offer lasting protection against environmental conditions, safeguarding your information on the road. Take control of your privacy with these discreet Number Concealer Stickers.

  Package included:

1/2 x number reflective sticker

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