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Pets Scalp Massager

Pets Scalp Massager

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Massage Therapy for Pets

This electric dog and cat massager has 4 silicone massage heads, each with soft 24 kneading nodes can provide a comfortable massage.

It is conducive to relieving your pet's tension, relaxing quickly, and reducing stiffness and discomfort due to ageing. Let pet dogs and cats enjoy the time of close contact with owners, more comfortable than finger massage.


Enjoy a Relaxing Bath Massage

This electric massager can be used not only for the head, but also for other parts of the body, bringing your pet very stress-relieving massage experience. Lie down and feel the relaxation of the body is very relaxing and more pleasant.

The high waterproof grade massager can be used when bathing your pet, so that your pet does not resist bathing, but becomes a pleasure.


Scalp Massager with Strength Grip and Solicone

  • The massager comes with a 25-pound force grip design, which helps to hold the massager firmly while performing hand strength training.
  • Easy to control, with one button and two speed modes to choose from.
  • 84 kneading nodes to provide you with the most comfortable massage experience.
  • USB rechargeable battery takes 2-3 hours to fully charge.
  • The massage head can be removed for cleaning and can be easily reattached.


Washable & Removable

IPX7 waterproof rating to ensure the massager can be used safely in the shower. Detachable massage heads for easier cleaning.


USB Magnetic Charging Port

Unique magnetic charging design, more convenient and safer to use. The charging port can be adsorbed and charged by gently placing it.

easy control

Non-Slip Silicone Grip

The non-slip silicone grip is designed to fit any size hand perfectly. Two types of grip for your choice.

easy handle

Good Packaging for Gift Ideal

This exquisite smart head massager is beautifully packaged and makes an ideal gift.

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