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Introducing the ultimate solution to all your cleaning woes - the Mini Portable Washing Machine Ultrasonic Clothes Cleaner Washer! Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional washing machines and hello to effortless cleaning that saves you time, energy, and money.

This innovative ultrasonic washing machine is not just for clothes - it can also be used to wash fruits and vegetables, as well as dishes without the need for detergent. With its portable design, you can take it with you wherever you go, making it the perfect travel companion for those who want to keep their clothes clean and fresh while on the go.

With this mini washer, you no longer have to worry about damaging delicate fabrics or spending countless hours washing clothes by hand. Simply fill a tub or sink with water and a little bit of your favorite dish soap and let the ultrasonic technology do the rest. You'll be amazed at how quickly and efficiently this washer gets the job done!

So why wait? Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional washing machines and hello to the convenience and efficiency of the Mini Portable Washing Machine Ultrasonic Clothes Cleaner Washer today!

Product Benefits : 

  • Lightweight and portable – The portable washing machine is lightweight and portable. It can be placed in pockets or tote bags to carry away.
  • Wide application – This best portable washing machine is applicable to small and light clothes such as T-shirts, shirts, light skirts, close-fitting clothing, socks, etc.
  • Ultrasonic – It produces high forces on contaminants adhering to substrates like metals, plastics, glass, rubber, and ceramics. this action also penetrates blind holes, cracks, and recesses. The intention of this ultrasonic cleaner is to thoroughly remove all traces of contamination tightly adhering or embedded onto solid surfaces.
  • Durable – The shell is made of eco-friendly ABS, non-toxic, firm and wear-resistant.
  • Water-saving and energy-saving – This small washing machine is suitable for 1kg (water) personal laundry.
  • 30-minute quick wash mode, which can change clothes frequently without stress.
  • 9cm ultra-small body, which can be used for business trips, and is free and unrestrained.

Size: 10*5.5cm
Rated voltage: 10V
Rated power: 6W
Power supply mode: USB
Capacity: 501ml-700ml
Material: ABS
Color: White

How to Use:
1. Washing water bucket (not included).
2. Suction cup, stick to the inside of the barrel, at any position, both the side wall and the bottom of the barrel can be used.
3. Soak the light clothes with an appropriate amount of water.
4. Introduce the right amount of detergent.
5. Turn on the power to the washer.
6. Start washing clothes.
7. After washing is complete, unplug the power.

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