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Raven-65.7LB Lifelike Black Sex Torso

Raven-65.7LB Lifelike Black Sex Torso

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Plump sexy body

This sexy girl with brown-black skin has plump big breasts, a slender waist, and round peach buttocks, which is very eye-catching. Owning her is definitely not just a visual enjoyment. Raven will bring you real sex stimulation. Enjoy an explosive orgasm.

Enjoy different insertion pleasure

Raven has real vaginas and anal holes, and their interiors are designed with different shapes. Can bring a different insertion experience. Because of its independent channel design, it also creates suction during your game! Enjoy the double stimulation of rubbing and sucking, sure to bring you to a sustained orgasm.

Flexible skeleton design

Raven has a solid built-in frame. This allows her to maintain a stable and attractive shape. It will not be easily damaged or deformed due to your use. In addition, these skeleton designs can also make it more flexible. Its leg joints can move like a real person, supporting you to play in various positions!

Discreet Packaging and Billing 

Ordering a sex toy or any product in particular on a sex-toy site, mainly you want the process to be discreet and simple. We make sure the package arrives at your destination as discreetly as can be. The pouches, boxes, and shipping packages we use have been designed that way. 

We use plain brown boxes or padded bubble mailers. There are no sharp images or words on it, nor our brand name or website; so no one will know about your order. 

On your card, you will have a statement with the following name "SAVINGS" 

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