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Remote Excavator

Remote Excavator

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High Quality: Made of high-hardness alloy material, the surface is all metal simulation electrostatic spraying, anti-collision and drop resistance, experience metal texture, exquisite workmanship, simulation cab, all alloy track. It can easily deal with complex terrain.

Multi-joint Independent Movement: Each joint of the big arm, forearm, bucket, console, etc. is operated independently by remote control, high-torque motor configuration, the boom is up and down, the forearm is up and down, and the bucket is up and down, with a strong sense of simulation

Powerful Function: Highly restore the excavator function, the manipulator arm can move three sections, up and down operation freely, 2.4G wireless omnidirectional remote control 24CH, forward, backward, left, right turn, operating platform 360 degrees built-in bearing rotation structure can freely rotate 360 degrees. Door maintenance door can be opened, with LED light control night operation is more interesting.

RTR Configuration: Plug in and play, with overcharge, overdischarge and overheat protection devices.


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