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Patented 5D Massage Heads for All-round Massage

Experience an exceptional massage with our SHIATSU BACK NECK MASSAGER equipped with innovative "4+2" 5D Massage Heads. These cutting-edge massage heads cover a larger area, extending from the neck to the trapezius and shoulder regions. What sets our massager apart is the use of soft silicon rubber on the massage heads, ensuring a gentle touch on your skin.

Ergonomic Design for a Human-like Massage Experience

Inspired by the techniques of professional therapists, the SHIATSU BACK NECK MASSAGER is designed to mimic the sensation of real human hands massaging your neck and shoulders. Say goodbye to muscle fatigue as our massager provides targeted relief. Additionally, you can choose from two heat compress settings to soothe your sore shoulders and neck.

Wearable Backpack-wearing Design for Freedom in Daily Activities

Despite its compact size, the SHIATSU BACK NECK MASSAGER delivers outstanding performance. Weighing only 2.75 lbs, it can be comfortably worn whether you're at home or in the office. This design ensures you can enjoy a massage without any burden on your shoulders, leaving your hands free for daily tasks.

High-Quality Lithium Battery for Extended Use

Our SHIATSU BACK NECK MASSAGER features a high-quality lithium battery that provides long-lasting usage. With just one full charge, it can last for a week of daily 10-minute sessions. Additionally, the cloth cover on the massage heads is detachable, allowing for easy cleansing and ensuring your massages are always clean and fresh.

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