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Sparkling Guitar Pick

Sparkling Guitar Pick

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Sparkle Up Your Jams

Crafted specifically for guitar players, Its distinctive lighting feature activates with each strum, enhancing your stage presence with an irresistible visual allure.

Tailored for Every Guitarist

Constructed with high quality materials, our pick offers a great grip, durability, and thickness of 0.7mm for articulate and dynamic playing.

Long-lasting, No Maintenance

Engineered to deliver up to 360,000 flashes or approximately 120 hours of playtime, allowing you to concentrate on your performance without the inconvenience of frequent battery replacements.

Why is it free?

Our company is seeking to gain publicity by giving away very limited stock to increase brand awareness through word-of-mouth; that's why we are giving away our SparklePicks for FREE (just cover shipping). Get yours now, only while stock remains.

What is the thickness of the pick?

Sparklepicks tailors our pick to the most popular preference and for maximum dynamics and articulation. Its thickness is 0.7mm

Do I need to buy batteries?

No, our Sparkling Guitar Pick already has an integrated lithium battery inside. The battery is replaceable.

What is the battery lifespan of SparklePicks Guitar Pick?

Our picks are designed to last up to 360,000 flashes or approximately 120 hours of playtime.


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