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Spatula Tongs

Spatula Tongs

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The perfect helper for every kitchen

Leave kitchen acrobatics behind and discover the new era of cooking with our 2-in-1 Spatula Tongs. This innovative kitchen utensil combines the functions of a spatula and tongs in a single, intelligent design.

Master of flipping and gripping in the kitchen!

Whether you're flipping pancakes or serving spaghetti, the Spatula Tongs ensures nothing falls off anymore. The integrated tongs make it possible: With a simple squeeze on the handle, the sides of the spatula close and securely hold your food.

Upgrade your kitchen tools

The ergonomic handle of the Spatula Tongs ensures comfortable handling and perfect control, no matter what delicacies you're preparing. The sturdy, heat-resistant surface of the spatula won't let you down even at high temperatures and can withstand the toughest kitchen conditions. 

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