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The E-INK Case Doesn't Use Battery (Free App)

The E-INK Case Doesn't Use Battery (Free App)

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Display your most cherished moment on your phone with Snap Frame.

Customize your phone case anywhere, anytime!


Open the APP, customize your photo and click "scan"—Done!

Easily swap or update the photo by repeating the steps.

How does it work?

1) Search for and download the App mentioned in the manual in the App Store

2) Simply fit the E-ink Case on your mobile phone

3) Open the APP and start creating your theme, add text and pictures, edit them freely.

4) Click the button in the botton to synchronize and upload to your E-ink Case - DONE!!


Can I update or swap out the photo?

Certainly! You can update the photo by using the APP whenever you want.

Does it drain my phone's battery?

Absolutely Not! It only requires a minimal amount of power from your phone when you're changing the image. Once the image is updated, the smart ink screen holds the picture indefinitely without the need for a continuous power supply.

What comes inside the box?

E-ink Case
Instruction Manual


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