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Say goodbye to yellow teeth

💜 V34 technology neutralizes yellow stains

🦷 Brightens your smile in just two minutes

✨ Uses gentle, non-invasive ingredients

Revolutionize Your Smile

Tired of stains caused by your favorite foods and drinks leaving your teeth dull and discolored? Worry no more! Introducing the Taprer™ V34 Color Corrector Serum, the innovative teeth-cleaning solution that effectively removes yellow and brown stains, restoring your teeth's natural whiteness right from home.

Science of Color Correction

Utilizing the science of color-correcting technology, the V34™ serum comprises two water-soluble dyes that neutralize any shade of yellow, providing you with a dazzling smile. The secret lies in the color wheel. Purple, being the direct opposite of yellow, effectively cancels out yellow undertones, leaving no residue behind.

Safe, Fast, and Trusted

Designed with fast results and safety in mind, this non-abrasive whitening serum delivers noticeable results after just one treatment. It causes no gum irritation or tooth sensitivity, ensuring that your enamel remains preserved and your teeth stay healthy. Trust the product that dental professionals around the world recommend for at-home whitening.
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