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Waterproof Throw Blanket

Waterproof Throw Blanket

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Discover Ultimate Protection with Our Waterproof Throw Blanket

Introducing our original waterproof throw blanket designed to keep everything clean and dry. It boasts a soft, thick fleece on one side and a plush sherpa backing on the other, ensuring your ultimate comfort while providing reliable protection.

Triple-Layered Technology

With three layers, including a plush fleece top, a waterproof liner in the middle, and another plush fleece bottom, our blanket can hold a little under a liter of water. This unique construction prevents liquids from seeping through, offering a discreet solution for various needs.

Easy Care Instructions

This machine-washable and double-sided blanket is incredibly easy to maintain. Wash it gently on cool or cold, tumble dry on low, and hang to dry for prolonged use. For tough stains, a basic stain remover can be used.

Available in Various Sizes

Choose the perfect size for your needs, whether it's the small (40" x 28"), medium (57" x 40"), large (65" x 57"), or extra-large (85" x 57"). Refer to the sizing photo for a visual guide.

The Accent - A Waterproof Blanket for Adults, Pets and Children

Versatile Applications

Our waterproof throw is ideal for a range of uses, from protecting sheets and couches to serving during adult activities, indoor and outdoor picnics, for babies, pets, and incontinence situations. It's a must-have for various occasions!

Invest in comfort, protection, and discretion with our Waterproof Throw Blanket - because life happens! 💦

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