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Wearable Lady Bug

Wearable Lady Bug

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Adorn Yourself with Whimsical Cuteness.

A perfect blend of morning cuddles and afternoon naps, This Wearable Lady Bug will warm your heart.  

Whether you're a little one in need of a lovable buddy or a grown-up searching for a touch of fun in your daily outfit, our wearable plush LadyBug is created to bring warmth and happiness to every moment.

Prepare for compliments and questions about your delightful ladybug accessory that spark conversations. Our Wearable Lady Bug isn't just a wearable plush; it's a gateway to joyous moments.


Step 1: Use the gentlest cycle available on your washing machine.
Step 2: Wash our plushie in cold water using a mild detergent.
Step 3: If disinfecting is a concern, use warm water or consider using a product like Lysol Laundry Sanitizer, which is safe on both whites and colors, unlike chlorine bleach.
Step 4: Place the plushie in a launderable mesh bag or duvet cover. Padding the drum of the washer with towels can also add another layer of protection. Recommended!
Step 5: Air-drying will be the gentlest choice, and a hairdryer turned on low heat can help to fluff up the fur once the plushie has reached the just-damp stage (think of it as a finishing touch!)
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