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What’s the difference between the Ordinary and German motor?

Both vacuum cleaners can effectively clean any surface, however the German motor has a stronger suction and blowing power making it easier and faster to clean tough spots. 

Lightweight and compact design, easy to handle and carry around
Powerful suction and blowing buster with super power motor, providing strong suction up to 95000pa
Wet/Dry vacuum for versatile cleaning capabilities
Cordless and rechargeable with built-in 4000mAh batteries, allowing for up to 30 minutes of continuous working time
Fast charging technology with 3-hour quick full charge and overcharge protection
Equipped with a cleaning light for better visibility in dimly lit or narrow areas
Can be used as a computer cleaner blower, laptop cleaner, desk vacuum cleaner, hand vacuum for cars, pianos, office desks, and more
Comes with two styles of head for all kinds of garbage and deep cleaning
Upgrade and a thick washable filter that is safe to be soaked and washed for easy maintenance and long-lasting use.

Aviation special motor, new upgrade of new technology in colleges and universities, super power, enhanced speed 100 times, experimental test Speed up to 355000rPm

Comfortable mute use without disturbing Powerful performance but steady voice

1.Optimization of air duct-reducing wind resistance and noise

2.Tight Engagement of Components-Reducing Vibration Noise

3.GEDE BAO Noise Reduction Composite Cotton--Reducing Rotor Vibration Sound

4.Optimization of exhaust pipe-reducing exhaust howling

5.Dynamic balance noise reduction-reducing rotor vibration sound

6.Optimal noise reduction of impeller-reducing air resistance and noise

7.Motor suspension design-reducing resonance noise

8.Motor equipped with brushless motor-reducing rotor friction noise

Long-lasting battery life can easily clean up the hygiene in the home car. Dual-core frequency conversion chip can easily handle the cleaning in the car and at home, reasonably release the current under the monitoring and adjustment of intelligent power supply management system, and cooperate with air cooling system to ensure the continuous and excellent operation of battery pack, which can complete the cleaning of a larger area at one time.

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