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Foam Drain Cleaner

Foam Drain Cleaner

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FOAM DRAIN CLEANER 450 ml - Banish Clogs with Ease!

Eliminate clogs and grime from your drain pipes effortlessly with this convenient foaming drain cleaner. Designed to fit snugly into the drain outlet, it delivers a deep-cleaning sterilization with a pleasant scent, all without the use of chlorine. Its foaming action easily reaches into tight spaces and expands into cracks and crevices for thorough cleaning.

Sweep away the dirt and clogging of your drain pipe with this easy-to-use foaming drain cleaner. It fits perfectly into the drain outlet and allows a penetrating sterilization with a refreshing scent, without the need to use chlorine. Perfect for getting deep into drains and hard to reach areas, while the foam expands easily into cracks and crevices.


1. Shake the can vigorously by moving it up and down 10 times. Turn the nozzle to “OPEN” to unlock.

2. Place the nozzle over the drain of the wash basin and press the can firmly to create a tight seal.

3. Apply the foam to dislodge dirt and clogs, stopping after 3-7 seconds or when bubbles emerge from the overflow opening.

4. Allow the foam to sit for approximately 30 minutes without running water.

5. Turn the nozzle to “LOCK” to secure it after use.

Volume: 450 ml



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