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❤ Silicone Massager:

  • Shower head with soft silicone scalp massager.
  • Provides a unique feature not found in other handheld showers.
  • Improves blood circulation and relieves head fatigue and headaches.
  • Promotes hair growth and helps to keep the scalp healthy.
  • Can be used to massage the scalp while flushing, ensuring clean hair and scalp.

❤ High Quality Material:

  • Multifunctional hand shower head made of environmentally friendly, chrome-plated, durable ABS material.
  • The appearance is treated with multi-layer baking paint.
  • Corrosion resistant, rust-proof, and fashionable design.

❤ Water Saving with Large Pressure:

  • Filtered shower head with 3 modes of high pressure.
  • Equipped with a unique interior structure and printing technology.
  • Effectively removes soap residue and hair in seconds.
  • Provides a refreshing shower experience with a gentle and powerful water flow.
  • Helps rejuvenate your body and mind.

❤ Filter Design:

  • The shower head contains a premium PP cotton filter.
  • Effectively reduces impurities in the water.
  • The filter helps to make your skin and hair smoother and healthier.
  • Leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalized after every shower.

❤ Ergonomic Design:

  • Shower head with filtered, adjustable filter.
  • Ergonomic design fits perfectly in your hand.
  • Suitable for various applications including child care, senior care, pet care, bathing, and cleaning.
  • Provides a comfortable and efficient shower experience.

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