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Hair Styling Wax

Hair Styling Wax

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Ultimate Styling Power

The Hair Styling Wax is a must-have product for taming flyaways and creating perfectly smooth and neat hairstyles. This compact and practical hair stick is ideal for daily use and allows you to achieve precise control throughout the day.


  • Smoothing and Controlling Strands:  This stick provides holding power that keeps strands in place, preventing frizz and flyaways. It allows you to create a smooth and flawless hairstyle in just a few steps.
  • Non-greasy finish: Its lightweight, non-greasy formula leaves no greasy or sticky residue on the hair, providing a natural, soft-to-the-touch finish.
  • Compact and Convenient Size: The compact stick is easy to carry, allowing you to take it with you anywhere for quick touch-ups and strand control throughout the day.
  • Suitable for all hair types: It is suitable for all hair types, whether fine, thick, straight or curly.

Lightly rub the hair stick across your palms, then smooth your hair with your hands to tame flyaways. You can also use the stick directly on problem strands for precise control.

With the Hair Styling Wax, you can say goodbye to unruly hair and get a flawless hairstyle in an instant. Enjoy perfect strand control all day long and an effortless, polished finish.
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13g Type: Regular hold Made in Japan
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