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Portable Blender Mini Juicer

Portable Blender Mini Juicer

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Your Ultimate Drinking Companion

Experience unparalleled convenience with our upgraded Big Belly Cup, featuring a sleek new shape and increased capacity. With a 1000ml water capacity and 500ml stirring capacity, staying hydrated has never been easier. Powered by a 1500MAH two-section battery and a robust 70W high-power turbine motor, enjoy seamless blending and juicing on the go.

Tide cool strap design

Switch effortlessly between juicing and drinking water with our innovative design. Crafted from durable PCTG material, our cup can withstand temperatures up to 100°C and operates at a blazing speed of 20000 r/min. The Tide Cool strap ensures easy portability, with adjustable length and multiple seal designs for 360-degree leak-proof protection.

Double the Fun with Dual Drinking Options

Our Portable Blender Mini Juicer offers a unique drinking experience with two options: sip straight from the mouth or enjoy through the included straw. Say goodbye to lipstick stains with the straw mouth design, while the versatile functionality adds an extra element of enjoyment to your beverage experience.


Versatile Design for On-the-Go Convenience

Strap length free adjustment, do not pick body shape
Multiple seal design, 360 degrees all aspects Of leak-proof

Upgrade 1500MAH two-section power battery 70W high-power turbine motor

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