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Magnetic Window Wiper

Magnetic Window Wiper

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Enjoy hassle-free and much more efficient glass window cleaning!

The Magnetic Window Wiper™ features an innovative, magnetic design with powerful scrubbing action that allows you to efficiently clean both sides of your windows in one go with just a few swipes. It efficiently removes stubborn dirt and stains from your windows, leaving them streak-free and sparkling with only half the time and effort required!

Deep cleaning of your exterior glass in a much safer way than ever before! 

Thanks to the innovative design of the Magnetic Window Wiper™, you can effortlessly reach and clean all parts of your exterior windows while staying indoors. It eliminates the hassle and the hazardous risks of stepping outside your windowsill just to clean your windows. It is suitable for all windows, especially those in high-rise buildings.

Features and Benefits:

✓ Ensures safety - This cleaner features a built-in soap container that makes it much easier to wet and soap the outside of your window. It eliminates the need to spray them closely with water, which is risky and prone to falls. 

✓ Strong magnetic grip - It utilizes high-quality magnets, providing a firm grip on the glass, even between triple-glazed windows. It is suitable for both thin and thick glass windows!

✓ Leaves no parts untouched - Thanks to its triangular design, you can easily reach all corners of your windows for thorough cleaning. It leaves no part untouched!

Safety cord

It comes with a safety cord that ensures in case of a slip, the outer part of the cleaner stays with you and prevents it from falling outside on the ground. Simply attach it to your wrist before using the cleaner!


Material: PP 
Size: 15x4.5x13cm

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