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Turbo Traction Car

Turbo Traction Car

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Product Functions:

The Turbo Traction cars come equipped with:

2.4 G Remote Control: Featuring a top quality, smooth moving steering wheel to allow controlled and fun drifting to people with or without experience. The structure of the remote has been carefully crafted to ensure maximum grip when drifting. 

Replaceable Tires: The cars also come equipped with 4 tires in total (2 coming on the car stock). One set of tires is grippier, ensuring a fun but safer driving experience, for a casual usage. The second set of tires is made for the drifters, with deliberately low traction to allow the fastest and smoothest drifting, similar to a real car. 

Ready To Have Some Serious Fun? 

Buy your TurboTraction car to prevent those hours of boredom YOU experience. Just imagine the possibilities! 

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